Ayton School - 70's Cricket

Bill Jones kindly (and patiently) made this video available to us as a cine film.

Filmed in 1975/1976 Bill thinks, but he recognised the following people on it:

Bill Jones
Ed Maxwell
Hilton Armstrong
Richard Wardman
John Moffitt

Simon Gill
John Gayne
Brian Auld
Brian Bainbridge
Robin Hepburn

Nigel Morpeth
Ruth Harwood
John Reader
Mr Alderson
Mr Morgan

Some only briefly.

It is is now available for download in MP4 format 70sCricket.m4v high bandwidth (28.5MB). Just Right click the link and choose 'Save as'.

For those that like their video as streaming FLV please select

High bandwidth (18.8MB)

Low Bandwidth

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