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Summer Reunion 2000
Reunion Photo Report
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Reunion 2000
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Whinstone View Country Club and Bistro.The Ayton Old Scholars' Summer Reunion was held over the weekend of 24th and 25th June at the Whinstone Country Club, Bistro, and Caravan Park. Attendance was very good with approximately 200 Old Scholars, their families and friends. The weekend started with many caravan and motorhome arrivals on Friday 23rd followed by the majority during Saturday, and further arrivals on Sunday.

The following photographs are in the order of the events: inauguration of Arthur Grainge as President; the Saturday barbeque supper evening; Sunday morning visit to the re-built School site; and finally the AGM.

Saturday 24th June 2000

The Reunion Marquee

The Reunion Marquee, hired especially for the weekend. All the events, with the exception of Sunday lunch were held here.

Dorothy Dawson (Easton) inaugurates Arthur Grainge as President

Saturday evening: To commence the Reunion proceedings Dorothy Dawson (Easton) - out-going President - inaugurates Arthur Grainge as the 2000 / 2001 President.

Arthur Grainge chatting to Arthur and Joan Thomas (Leach).

Michael and Barbara Adam with Margaret Cumbor.

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