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Ayton Old Scholars' Summer 2006 Reunion was held over the weekend of 24th and 25th June at the Whinstone Country Club, Bistro, and Caravan Park, for the seventh year in a row. The weather could have been kinder - the weekend's weather before and after the Reunion was brilliant, ah well! But never mind, it was a great weekend and a very good turnout.

The weekend started with arrivals on Thursday 22nd followed by many more on Friday and the majority during Saturday, plus many more Sunday arrivals, who had come for Meeting, lunch and the AGM. Almost 90 were fed on Saturday evening and around 75 on Sunday. An excellent turnout and all enjoyed themselves, wall to wall reminiscences.

70th Birthday Party GroupThis year was the collective 70th Birthday Party for all who were born in or around 1936 and who came to Ayton in 1944 and the years following, with the last leaving in 1955. The photo above was taken on Sunday and sadly did not include the whole group as some were at the Reunion on Saturday and others on Sunday. Another larger version appears at the end of Reunion photo report.

The following photographs are in the order of the events: As the Reunion started on Friday a few scenes from the evening get together, followed by a 70th Saturday Birthday Party lunch at the Dog & Gun, Potto, afternoon in the Memorabilia Room; inauguration of Martyn Gaudie as AOSA President; the Saturday barbecue supper evening; Sunday before and after Meeting followed by lunch at Whinstone Country Club; and finally the AGM.

Friday Evening - Septuagenarians practicing for the weekend
If you are going to have a weekend with chums, in many cases, going back to the War years, you have to start the weekend early. This party was an extension of the one on Thursday evening and started in Dick's motorhome with a selection of Chateau Cardboard wine and crisps followed by a most enjoyable meal in Whinstone View's Restaurant.
Helen Watson (Woollam) and Mike Adam Harry Snalam watches his wife SusanGill Jackson

Helen Watson (Woollam) and Mike Adam discussing a serious point; "Are you going to hand round the crisps or shall I?" Harry Snalam watches his wife Susan behind the camera while Tony Browne chats to Gill Jackson - pictured right.

Sepuagenarians during dinner on Friday 23rd June Inside Whinstone View Restaurant - waiting for the pudding menu? L to R - Helen Watson (Woollam) Susan & Harry Snalam, Gill Jackson, Tony & Beryl Browne - Beryl behind - Margaret and John Fothergill, Barbara Adam. Not included in the photo; Maggie Carnegie (Wilkinson) Mike Adam, Dick Dennis, and Norman Graham - staff 1952-55 and his wife Christine.

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