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Ayton Old Scholars' Summer 2005 Reunion was held over the weekend of 25th and 26th June at the Whinstone Country Club, Bistro, and Caravan Park for the sixth year. The weather was kind - a storm forecast for Friday did not materialise, it was a great weekend and a very good turnout.

Ornamental pond at Whinstone View. Photo - William PineThe weekend started with arrivals on Thursday 23rd followed by many more on Friday and by the majority during Saturday, with many more Sunday arrivals - who had come for Meeting, lunch and the AGM. Over 90 were fed on Saturday evening and around 70 on Sunday prior to the AGM. An excellent turnout and all enjoyed themselves, wall to wall reminiscences.

The camping area was as found last year, with hardstandings for caravans and motorcaravans, and plenty of grass area for tents. Luckily, the rain which devastated Helmsley and other parts of North Yorkshire did not affect the Great Ayton and Stokesley area, so the grass was well dried out. The unintentional pond which appeared last year has now been turned into an ornamental pond; very attractive.

The following photographs are in the order of the events: Saturday afternoon in the Memorabilia Room; the Ayton Village Treasure Hunt, inauguration of Maeve Hird as AOSA President; the Saturday barbecue supper evening; Sunday at Whinstone Country Club; and finally the AGM.

Many thanks to: Gill Jackson; Harry Snalam, and William Pine, for the photographs they took - their contribution has been a huge help in the comprehensive content of this Photo Report.

Saturday afternoon at the Meeting House

Gill Jackson presents a special edition of a section from the 2005 Mag to Jane CampbellFrom 1935 to the early 1940s, about 35-40 children from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia came to Ayton to escape the Nazi regime in Europe: the stories of nine of them is told in the AOSA 2005 Annual Report AOSA 2005 Annual Report .

Gill Jackson, Editor for the 2005 Mag (she has now handed over the reins to James Slater) compiled this very special episode in Ayton School's history and is here seen presenting Jane Campbell (Bye) with a specially produced edition to be kept in the Ayton Old Scholars' Memorabilia Room in the Meeting House for the benefit of visiting old Scholars in the years to come.

James Slater discusses a few points from the 2005 Mag with Hilton Armstrong
James Slater discusses a few points from the 2005 Mag with Hilton Armstrong
Jane Campbell (Bye) in conversation with Audrey Davies (Seddon) and Abdul Irvani )

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