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Ayton Old Scholars' Summer 2003 Reunion was held over the weekend of 28th and 29th June at the Whinstone Country Club, Bistro, and Caravan Park for the fourth year.

Whinstone View campsiteThe weekend started with arrivals on Friday 27th followed by the majority during Saturday, and many further Sunday arrivals - who had come for Meeting, lunch and the AGM. The weather was really kind to us on both Saturday and Sunday, reserving the only soggy bit to Friday evening - just in time to catch a party of early arrivals exiting Whinstone View Restaurant after an excellent meal.

Camping in tents, caravans and motorhomes were very much in evidence many making a long weekend break. Whinstone View Caravan and camping park has become very popular with many more there other than Ayton Old Scholars.

The following photographs are in the order of the events: The walk - organised by Wendy Smith (Arnold), inauguration of Gill Jackson as AOSA President; the Saturday barbecue supper evening; Sunday at Whinstone Country Club; and finally the AGM.

Many thanks to: Harry Snalam, Hal Benbow, William Pine, and Nick Whelan for the photographs they took - their contribution, acknowledged in the "alternative text" (accessed by holding the mouse pointer over an image), has been a huge help in the comprehensive content of this Photo Report.

Saturday 28th June 2003 - The Walk!

Ordinance Survey mao of Reunion walk routeWendy Smith organised a second Old Scholars Reunion walk and tells us: "The numbers we about the same as last year - twenty-five people , aged from toddlers months to rising 70.

The route this year, shown on the map opposite, took us along the lane to Little Ayton, through farms and fields and up through woods to the far corner of the old mine area. Along contour at 'Half Cooks' level, down to Easby and water splash (now a bridge). From there back through fields to Little Ayton then fields again to the Cricket Pavilion. Across Top field, down, across and along 'lake', across re-sited Boys' Bridge onto Little Ayton Lane and back to the Green.

Many who have been on this and last year's walk said how much they enjoyed themselves and - for those who did not get a chance to thank Wendy personally - may we here express our appreciation of the planning and shepherding along routes and through scenery never forgotten but perhaps, until now, a little misty in the memory.


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