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Whinstone View Bistro - venue for AOSA ReunionsAyton Old Scholars' Summer 2002 Reunion was held over the weekend of 29th and 30th June - for the third year - at the Whinstone Country Club, Bistro, and Caravan Park. 

There had been loads of pre-Reunion e-mail activity and attendance was better than last year with well over 200 old scholars, their families and friends. The weekend started with arrivals on Friday 28th followed by the majority during Saturday, and many further Sunday arrivals - who had come for Meeting, lunch and the AGM.

Phil Ramsey and his family pose for a photo outside their tent.This was very much a family weekend with more seemingly many more partners and children in evidence. The camp site made this all the easier for Phil Ramsey and his family: Mum - Lina, Emily in the pink top, Philip David, holding onto mum, and baby Michelle, pictured here outside their tent.

The following photographs are in the order of the events: The walk - organised by Wendy Smith (Arnold), Open Day at the rebuilt and refurbished Meeting House, inauguration of Dick Dennis as President; the Saturday barbecue supper evening; Sunday at Whinstone Country Club; and finally the AGM.

Many thanks to: Harry Snalam, Hal Benbow, William Pine, George Hetherington, Mark Rollison, John & Margaret Fothergill, and Gill Jackson for the photographs they took - acknowledged in the "alternative text" (accessed by holding the mouse pointer over an image).

Saturday 29th June 2002 - The Walk!

Reunion walkers on Saturday 29th June 2002The Meeting House and Old Scholars Memorabilia room was open from 11.00 this year, but Reunion activities really got underway a little after 2 pm with those who had elected to go on the walk organised by Wendy Smith. Twenty-one OS are pictured here but a few more appeared from the Meeting House a moment or two later.

Pictured here - extreme left George Hetherington, Stewart Brammer, Granville Bell; Christine Brammer; extreme right Harry Snalam, Wendy Smith and dog. Centre of picture in navy and turquoise Suzanne Potter (Morgan), Lucy Green. Back Row: Beryl Queen (Goodfellow), Tim and Lucy Green's parents - Ken and Polly, Alan Goodfellow, Helen Watson (Woollam), Tim Green,  Phil Ramsey and his wife is in front of picture with pushchair. Pam Ridgeway (Danks) and Shirley McMahon (Gibbs)

Wendy Smith told us: "Twenty-five people were on the walk, aged from 6 months to rising 70. We went up the path opposite Suggitts that runs alongside top field then cuts back to Little Ayton Lane. Up the lane by Petch's farm, across the fields to cross the railway then up the old mining railway incline (steep). This leads to Half Cooks. Then down beside the sledging field, across Dykes Lane and up Aireyholme Lane, along the Whinstone Dyke to the kissing gate and down past Ryehill and through St John's Fields. About 3.75 miles."

Photo: George Hetherington Photo: George Hetherington

Almost opposite Suggitts the Victorian pissoir, which used to be build into the Mill Yard wall on Station Road, seems to be a rallying point. Stragglers popped into Suggitts for an early ice-cream perhaps?

These look like conker trees of which there were many in the School grounds.

Conkers are banned in many schools now as they are deemed to be dangerous! What would the educational PC lobby have made of Ayton and all the nefarious activities down the years?

Photo: George Hetherington

Photo: George Hetherington

Tony Browne and John Fothegill look as though they needed this rest!

Above - this looks like the track to half Cooks. It always was steep and memory has not diminished the gradient one little bit.

Right - the Ramsey family stop for a break with Granville Bell in deep thought in the background. Or is in deep exhaustion? The children were probably in better shape than anyone else at the end of the walk.

Tony Browne and John Fothergill look as though they needed this rest! 

 St. Bernard rescue dogs have not yet been introduced on Cooks you guys!

What a view! A perfect spot for a break. Half Cooks looking across to Roseberry. Photo: George Hetherington

The White cottages shown here are at the junction of Aireyholme Lane and Dykes Lane. Photo: Harry Snalam

What a view! A perfect spot for a break. Half Cooks looking across to Roseberry. This has to be one of the most beautiful parts of the Country. The skyline combination of Roseberry Topping, Cooks and the Cleveland Hills is very, very special.

The White cottages shown here are at the junction of Aireyholme Lane and Dykes Lane (as Station Road has become by then). The walk crossed Station Rd / Dykes Lane at that point and the few who had to be back early turned left and went down Station Road.


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