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Summer Reunion 2000
Reunion Photo Report
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Reunion 2001
Photo Report
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Whinstone View Country Club and Bistro.Ayton Old Scholars' Summer 2001 Reunion was held over the weekend of 23rd and 24th June - for the second year - at the Whinstone Country Club, Bistro, and Caravan Park. 

Attendance was again very good  with approximately 200 old scholars, their families and friends. The weekend started with arrivals on Friday 22nd followed by the majority during Saturday, and many further arrivals - who had come for Meeting, lunch and the AGM - on Sunday.

The following photographs are in the order of the events: Open Day at the rebuilt and refurbished Meeting House, inauguration of Sonia Wade (Dunn) as President; the Saturday barbeque supper evening; Sunday at Whinstone Country Club; and finally the AGM.

Saturday 23rd June 2001 - Meeting House open day

The Reunion Weekend got underway with an open day at the newly altered and refurbished and much admired Meeting House. The story of the Meeting House is contained in a separate section of this website – follow this link to go there direct.

Ayton Meeting Room

he newly altered and refurbished Ayton Meeting Room where many OS joined members of the Ayton Meeting in Meeting for Worship on Sunday 24th June.

Ayton School memorabelia room

Upstairs in the Meeting House there is now an Ayton School Memorabilia Room with displays of many hundreds of fascinating photographs and objects from the past.

Ayton School Memorabelia Room Jane Campbell (Bye) – who was responsible for just about everything to do with the Memorabilia Room – seen here talking to Gill Jackson (Hinds) and Margaret Cumbor.

 Margaret Carnegie (Wilkinson) can’t believe her eyes at one of the photos on the display board.


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