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New Photographs are being added all the time which makes it very difficult to locate where they are in the many hundreds of pages. This page will show thumbnails of all new photos linked to the full size version. Hold the mouse pointer over the image and a description of the photo will appear in  few seconds.

All you need to do is click on the thumbnail and you will go to the photo's location direct.


School & Grounds

Rod to Meeting House in snow January 2006

This Spring time photo was taken by Lindsey Devons (Harrison 1969-73) on walk mid April 2002

This photo looking over the beck to the new buildings, also taken by Lindsey Devons (Harrison 1969-73) April 2002 Teachers' Bridge from the Terrace, a nice photo taken in Spring time - plenty of daffodils but no leaves on the trees yet. 
Lindsey Devons (Harrison 1969-73) took this photo in April 2002. The Sun was a bit watery but nothing much else has changed. Lindsey Devons (Harrison 1969-73) behind the lens again - April 2002 - this time showing where Leven Hall used to be and what now resides on the site. Boys' bridge as seen from the Teachers' Terrace. This photo is now available as an online jigsaw.

Village & Countryside

Snow on Roseberry Topping - January 2006 Snow on Roseberry Topping and Capt Cook's - January 2006 There are quite a few photos taken by Lindsey Devons (Harrison 1969-73) April 2002. This nice one of Cook's monument with Roseberry in the background.

Not far from Cook's Monument one can see Ayton Village spread out below - a sight many will remember, especially when they realised they had too little time to get back to School for Tea! Photo - Lindsey Devons (Harrison 1969-73) April 2002

If you walk up Station Road and past the Station you come to the White Cottages pictured here. If memory serve correctly these cottages played host to John Wesley mid 18th Century. Photo: Lindsey Devons (Harrison 1969-73) April 2002

This photo of Ayton Station turned up in the Archives. It was probably taken in the early 1900s  



First Team Hockey 1982 Ayton First XI Cricket Team 1948 First XI Soccer 1948. Football First XI 1927-28


An informal group of staff - which included a rare photo of Stanley Jones - probably dating from the mid 1950s. This lovely and natural photograph, taken in 1945, was sent to us by David Morgan and shows Joyce Dickinson and Clifford Morgan - before they became Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Clifford Morgan at about the time he came to Ayton.  

Form & School Photographs

There are two whole School photographs online - 
too big to preview here but click below to go there direct:

School photo 1973

School photo 1980

Leven Hall residents - 1981 Form 1 - 1945 Presumably Form 2 - the same people as in the photo on the left but taken in 1946
This photo of the Lower 3rd in 1924 has been supplied by Jean Allinson (now Leake 1923-29). Junior A Form 1945

Form 3 in 1948 - many of the pupils are the same as the photo of Junior A 1945

form_2A_1947 -    

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