Martyn Gaudie

A tribute and appreciation

Dear Old Scholar,

Marty Gaudie
Martyn Gaudie
in his Presidential year, 2006-2007

Many of you may have learnt through the Web site of the passing of Martyn Gaudie, our recent past President. In his wife’s words, “he passed over to the other shore,” peacefully, almost pain free, on the 6th September 2007

  O.S. were well-represented present, both young and old were present at the Funeral service Monday 10th September. Your Editor, Dick and Tessa ask if I would write a few words on appreciate and tribute to Martyn on behalf of the OS.

Recalling my profile to Martyn when he became President, reminds me of so many memories of him. I suppose knowing him for 70 years is quite something. In the beginning, our connection would be cricket, in some form or other. I say this deliberately, as the first time was on the Boy’s playground, I was batting, Martyn bowling......enough said, except we played again much later, usually at O.S. Reunions, by this time he was entitled to play for two Quaker schools! The other being Bootham.

Martyn Gaudie watching cricket
Martyn Gaudie
watching cricket

He would turn up in cream flannels, well worn, very wide, probably 20 years old, tied up with an old school tie… he looked the part! Later our paths crossed with the Falcon’s X1 a team selected from all of the Friends’ schools. The last match, in which Alan Weighell, myself, together with Martyn and our respective wives attended the 100th match to celebrate our connection with the touring team.

Following this occasion, it gave us an excuse to meet up each year, not that we needed an excuse to get together. We have had some delightful meetings resulting in us getting to know one another, away from school days, and to catch up on our own walks of life.

Martyn never really retired, how can you when you are on a farm! It was an ideal place to be for Martyn to enjoy his “peace,” work and to link his thoughts with the Society of Friends’.

In giving this tribute to Martyn on behalf of Ayton Old Scholars, I have to tell you I recently received a personal letter from him in which he ended, ‘Yours in Friendship’ I feel this phrase was from the heart, and I felt it.

Thank you Martyn for your friendship, indeed we all thank you for being on this shore.