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The beck looking towards where the Mill Dam used to stand - the cascade still remains. This is a beautiful spot and - happily - remains so.

This photo was taken in 1988


Ayton School swimming pool - unheated! Not very clean - water came from the beck - but nobody died. The pool was a favourite place  in summer (not for all though) and many old scholars learnt to swim here.


Photo taken in 1988

This tranquil scene of the Beck (River Leven) shows the Teachers' Terrace lawn edge. Photo taken 1988.

Until December 2001 we did not have a photo of the Boys Bridge which is just out of shot here and as the School grounds were redeveloped it was not replaced in its old location.

Boys' Bridge - photographed by Sally Werry in 1997

The Boys' Bridge - photographed by Sally Werry (1971-77) in 1997 just after the School closed

Many thought it was lost for ever........not so - see the photo below...

Boys Bridge in its new location
In late summer 2001 the Boys' Bridge turned up again - but outside the grounds. To find it walk up Little Ayton Lane, towards the Waltons - past a new bowling green and follow a public footpath which skirts the old Leven Hall site.

And there is the bridge which takes one to the field which was at the end of the far Top Field football pitch!

Girls Bridge (in the later years - Teachers' Bridge to most) photographed by Sally Werry in 1997

Sally Werry also sent this photo of the Girls Bridge - so termed in the later years; it was always "Teachers' Bridge" to most OS. 

Photo dates from 1997 - just after the School closure


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