A Photographic Journey. Demolition and Rebuilding
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September 2001 - The last stage in converting the existing buildings - Richardson Hall and the Headmaster's House - is now all but complete. This page illustrates the plan and apartment at the very top of the Headmasters House. 

The asking price is 200,000 - one of six apartments left for sale at the end of September 2001


One has to ponder on what the many previous incumbents and their families in Headmasters House over the last 150-years might have said about the level of comfort seen here -  sybaritic perhaps? In the spartan Ayton School days - when central heating was something the body generated when adequately dressed for the weather - this level of luxury would have been hard to comprehend.

Top flor apartment of Headmaster's HouseThe plan - left - is reproduced from the Wimpey's brochure and - as it is a large reduction - not very clear. The stairs (in yellow) pass up through the old stairwell and past the arched window to a top landing.

The front door opens to a narrow hallway - turn right into a very large through Living and Dining room with views of both playground area and the Village Green. 

To the left is a very nice kitchen and opposite are two bedrooms - both looking onto the Green - one with an en-suite bathroom and loo.

Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall - viewed from the left of the front door. The Living and Dining can be seen at the end of the Hall.

All rooms are accessed from the hall with the exception of the en-suite bathroom.


The Living and Dining room runs through the full width of the building with views both back and front. It is clearly in the roof space with original beams - A-frames and purlins featured. 

This is a very attractive room - ideal for chilling out on ones own or for throwing a party.

Sitting and Dining Room
Kitchen The kitchen - which looks over the old girls' playground - seems to lack for nothing - excellent appliances and good quality cupboards.  The parquet floor gives a nice finishing touch.
Bedroom two En-suite bathroom

This is bedroom two - better for photographing. Both bedrooms looked out over the Village Green. This one had access to a bathroom at the end of the hall whereas the master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom.

The master bedroom en-suite bathroom - very nice indeed. A shower is visible in the bath and a floor to ceiling towel radiator is visible on the right

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