A Photographic Journey. Demolition and Rebuilding
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There are now eight pages recording the demolition and rebuilding of Ayton School site, achieved with sensitivity and architectural taste by contractors Wimpey Homes. 

If you have visited these page lately you will not have seen pages eight and nine. Page eight takes is the interior of an apartment in Richardson Hall  and page nine, the interior of the top floor apartment in the Headmaster's House.

For those who have not seen a plan of the redeveloped Ayton School site, this architect's ground plan has been available from Wimpey Homes for prospective purchasers. As can be seen the grounds remain virtually untouched, with the tennis courts and adjacent parts of bottom field a private amenity for the residents. The lake area has been transferred to the parish council as an area available for the public. Top field has been leased to an Ayton cricket and football club as a facility and will be run and maintained by the club.

The Photographs that follow, on pages two to four, are a small selection to show the stages of redevelopment. As time goes more will be added until the site is complete.

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