1. Title
The Association shall be called "Ayton Old Scholars' Association", and its motto shall be "Nil sine labore."

2. Objectives:
The objectives of the Association are to afford opportunities to its members.

a) for reunions and the continuation of friendships formed at Ay-ton.

b) to produce an Annual Report to be circulated to members.

c) to encourage parents, looking for educational opportunities for their children, to consider one of the three Northern Friends' Schools.

d) to maintain a close and friendly relationship with the Ayton Friends' Meeting.

3. Membership:
Former pupils, spouses and partners of former pupils and former staff shall be eligible for membership of the Association.

4. Management
The business of the Association shall be managed by a General Committee and an Executive Committee constituted as hereinafter provided.

5. The General Committee
The General Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee together with the District Secretaries and shall meet at least once a year prior to the Annual General Meeting, and at any other time that the Executive Committee may deem necessary.

6. The Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee shall consist of:

a) the following Honorary Officers: President, President-Elect, immediate Past President, the General Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Records Secretary, Reunion Co-ordinator.

b) the Convenor of the Nominations Committee.

c) four ordinary members.

d) the Executive shall have the power to co-opt annually one or two members to serve for a period of four years.

7. Methods of Election

a) A new President-Elect shall be nominated each year by the following members of the Executive Committee: The President, President-Elect, immediate Past President, Chairman and Convenor of the Nominations Committee who shall present his or her name for approval by the Annual General Meeting,

b) The Nominations Committee shall consist of four Old Scholars, nominated and elected by the Annual General Meeting, one of whom shall be appointed by the A.G.M. as Convenor and serve on the Executive Commit-tee. Each shall serve for four years, one retiring each year. The members so elected will be eligible for re-election for a further four years and thereafter have a break of one year before further service.

c) It shall be the responsibility of the Nominations Committee to bring nominations to the Annual General Meeting for the offices of General Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Records' Secretary and Reunion' Co-ordinator. The members so elected by the A.G.M., may after eight years continuous service be re-elected on an annual basis.

d) The four ordinary members shall be nominated and elected by the Annual General Meeting to serve for a period of four years, one to retire annually. They shall be eligible for re-election.

e) Three representatives from the Executive Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to serve as Trustees on the Ayton School Committee. Each shall serve for three years, one retiring each year. The representatives so elected will be eligible for re-election.

8. The Executive Committee shall elect its own Chairman who shall serve for a period of four years and shall be eligible for a further period of not more than four years. In the event of him/her not being re-elected to the Executive Committee under any of the sections of rule 6 during his/her period of office, he/she shall remain a member of the Executive for the unexpired portion of his/her Chairmanship.

9. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at such times and places as shall be determined by the Chair-man and General Secretary.

10. The General Secretary shall call a Special Meeting of the Executive Committee on receiving a requisition for such signed by not less than five members, who must give at least six days' notice of the same in writing.

11. The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies that may occur during the financial year. The term of office of any co-opted member shall be until the next Annual General Meeting.

12. The quorum at any Executive Committee Meeting shall be six.

13. A Special General Meeting shall, if deemed necessary, be called by resolution of the Executive Committee.

14. Reunions
An annual reunion will be held during the last complete weekend in June, arranged by the Reunion Co-ordinator who shall appoint his/her own organising committee and report to the Executive Committee.

15. District
The Association shall be divided into such Districts as is deemed necessary by the Annual General Meeting and Hon. Secretaries shall be appointed for each such District at the Annual General Meeting.

16. Annual General Meeting.

The A.G.M. shall be held at the June Reunion of the Association each year for the purpose of transacting the following business;

a) to hear the Presidential address.

b) to receive reports from the Secretary, Treasurer, Editor and representative on the Ayton School Trust.

c) to elect the officers of the Association, and the District Secretaries, and to appoint the Honorary Auditor.

d) to consider and take action on any motion of which not less than four months' notice in writing has been given to the General Secretary, and that he/she in turn has given all members at least 14 days notice

e) to transact any other relevant business.

17. Finance
The financial year of the Association shall commence on 1st January each year.

18. The Treasurer shall, if necessary, present a budget for the following year to the March Meeting of the Executive Committee at which the level of subscriptions shall be determined. The subscription rates will be published in the Annual Report.

19. The names of members failing to sub-scribe will be deleted from the list of members.

20. Subscriptions will be payable in advance on 1st April each year.

21. The financial records of the Association shall be subject to an annual audit by the Auditor appointed for that purpose.

22. A Banking Account shall be opened in the name of the Association. Authority to operate this account shall rest with the Treasurer and one other officer, nominated by the Executive Committee.

23. Annual Report - The Editor shall be responsible for the Annual Report which shall contain, in addition to other matter, the Report of the General Secretary, and the Treasurer's Statement of Accounts.

24. The Executive Committee shall decide annually the maximum sum to be spent on the Annual report.

25. The contents of Association publications, and communications in the name of the Association, shall be restricted to Association matters only.

26. General
No alteration to this Constitution shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting, and then only provided that the General Secretary has been given at least four months' notice in writing, and that he in turn, has given all members at least fourteen days' notice.