Sidcot School open their Ayton Room



In the 1999 Annual Report Robert Campbell - Chairman of the School Committee - reported that Meeting for Sufferings has distributed the remaining School funds - 10,000 to each of the remaining Friends' Schools and to Breckenborough School, a special school run by Yorkshire Friends. 50,000 is to be added to the residue from Wigton Friends' School in a new trust to provide bursaries for Friends in the North of England and Southern Scotland attending educational courses. 

One of the Schools receiving 10,000 was Sidcot School, Winscombe,
North Somerset, BS25 1PD, United Kingdom, who decided they would refurbish a common room - now named "The Ayton Room." A group of scholars prepared the plans which were taken over by an architect and turned into reality.

Alice Meager was asked to perform the opening ceremony - 5th October 2001. Below are a few of the photos recording the occasion.

Ayton Room at Sidcot School

This general view is of the Ayton Room - spacious and very comfortable. The School band greeted Alice Meager - Ayton School's last Headteacher.
Alice Meager - with her back to the camera - meets the scholars and staff responsible for the design and decor, hearing how popular the room has become. Alice Meager meets the scholars and staff who designed the Ayton Room
Unveiling the plaque
After telling the assembled scholars and members of staff something about Ayton School - its beginning and end - Alice Meager unveiled the plaque to record the occasion. 

The panoramic photograph below gives a good impression of the size and dimensions of the Ayton Room.

Panaromic photo of the Ayton Room at Sidcot School
The Headmaster extended a warm welcome to all Ayton old scholars to visit Sidcot School and see the Ayton Room. If you would like to visit Sidcot School website follow this link

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