Ayton Old Scholars’ Association
Minutes of the 123rd Annual General Meeting
Held at 1.30 pm on Sunday 26th June 2011 in the Meeting House, Great Ayton

The Chairman, John Fothergill, welcomed everyone to the AGM and commented on the good turnout.  He then welcomed the 2011 President, Linda Knott (Renwick), who gave her presidential address in which she paid tribute to numerous members of staff and to the “spirit of the school”.  The address will be printed in full in the 2012 magazine.  John Fothergill thanked Linda for her interesting speech.

  1. Greetings and apologies were received from: Lou Trotter, Harry and Susan Snalam, Roy and Caroline George, Gill Jackson, Pauline Buchanan, Kathlyn Tonkin, Dan Smith, Chris Vodden and Stewart Brammer.
  2. The Minutes of the 122nd AGM were taken as read from the magazine and approval proposed by Linda Knott, seconded by Dorothy Dawson and agreed by all.
  3. There were no matters arising.
  4. Secretary’s Report: Suzanne Potter (Morgan) reported on her first year as Secretary: there had been a steep learning curve with regard to the various tasks involved.  The Executive Committee is in good order. 
  5. Records Secretary’s Report: Fiona Campbell: there are 586 recorded members.  Fiona has done a full cross check on subscriptions paid: for 2010 (year ending 31st March 2011) 564 subscriptions had been paid; 6 Old Scholars had died; there were 5 new members and 6 lost members; the remaining 15 who had not paid subscriptions would be removed from the list.  Ten magazines had been returned.  A list of lost members was read out and Fiona appealed to anyone with news of lost members to pass it on to her.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: Geoff Miller circulated the accounts.  The year end has been changed to 31st December so that the latest accounts can be published in the magazine in May.  Income from subscriptions was good; there were only 15 non-payments.  There is a one-off item of expenditure: Dreamweaver software for the website.  Geoff also highlighted a substantial amount of cash in the bank.  George Hetherington asked if an ethical bank, such as the Co-op Bank, could be considered for the capital sum.  Geoff Miller will investigate and report to the Executive Committee in October and the AGM in 2012.
  7. Editor’s Report: Linda Hewison (Pearson)’s aim is to maintain the quality of content and to build on the creativity.  She had used a local printing firm.  Doing the formatting and layout herself was quicker and made it possible to have full colour in the magazine for the same price as the previous year.  Linda thanked all the Old Scholars involved: Suzi Scaife as proofreader, Wendy Smith and her team of “envelope stuffers” and Gill Jackson for her moral support and news, among many others.
  8. Webmaster’s Report: John Fothergill asked for a show of hands as to regular visitors to the site: a substantial number, and recommended people to look at the site.
  9. In Dan Smith’s absence Suzanne Potter read out Dan’s March 2011 report outlining improvements and up-dates he had made already and what he planned to do.
    Dan’s June report has now been received and will be printed in full in the 2012 magazine.

  10. School Committee Report: the School Committee had met during the year, but had nothing to report.
    Approval of the above six reports was proposed by Jill Wheeler, seconded by Diz Dexter and agreed by all.  (They will be printed in full in the 2012 magazine.)  
  11. Officer due to retire in 2011 but willing to stay on: Sonia Wade (Nominations Committee and School Committee (yearly basis).
  12. Proposed by: Ann White, seconded by Mary Kidd and agreed by all. John Fothergill welcomed Sonia back on to the Committee.

  13. Retirement of officer as of 2011: Jill Wheeler (School Committee)
  14. John Fothergill thanked Jill for her eight year term of duty.

  15. Re-election of officers willing and able to remain in office:
  16. Chairman John Fothergill
    (yearly basis)
    Secretary Suzanne Potter
    (yearly basis)
    Treasurer Geoff Miller
    (2009 – 2013)
    Records Secretary Fiona Campbell
    (2009 – 2013)
    Reunion Co-ordinator Louise Seniscal
    (2009 – 2013)
    Editor Linda Hewison
    (2010 – 2014)


    Executive Committee Members:

    Gillian Cloughton
    (2008 – 2012)
    Ann White
    (2008 – 2012)
    Andrew Vaux
    (2008 – 2012)


    Nominations Committee:

    Sonia Wade
    (yearly basis)
    Suzanne Potter
    (2009 – 2013)
    Gillian Cloughton
    (2010 – 2014)
    Sue Fox
    (2010 – 2014)

    School Committee Representatives:

    Sonia Wade
    (yearly basis)
    Sue Fox
    (2009 – 2013)

    Proposed by Barbara Clarke, seconded by Linda Knott and agreed by all. John Fothergill thanked Louise Seniscal and Sue Fox for their organisation of the Saturday evening meal at Stokesley Town Hall and Sunday’s buffet.

  17. Election of New Officers:
    Webmaster co-opted to Executive Committee:
    Dan Smith   (2011 – 2015)
    School Committee: Gillian Cloughton (2011 – 2015)
    Executive Committee: Sue Fox (2011 – 2015)
      Jill Wheeler (yearly basis)
    Proposed by: Sonia Wade, seconded by Diz Dexter and agreed by all.
  18. Nomination of President Elect:
  19. Sue Fox was delighted to propose David French as A.O.S.A. President Elect.  They had shared schooldays and were in the same House.  David has already shown his dedication to the Association by serving three years on the Executive Committee, becoming Chairman in 1977 and was honoured to accept the nomination.   
    Proposed by: Sue Fox, seconded by Geoff Miller and agreed by all.

    • A.O.B.
      • Kathlyn Tonkin, District Secretary for the South West, Wales, London and the South East, and Channel Islands, had resigned; Linda Knott, our current President, had volunteered to take over.
      • Audrey Davies (Seddon) described Firbank House in Welwyn Garden City, where she now lives: it was set up by Quakers for Quakers over 60 and living alone.
      • An 80th birthday card was signed by many Old Scholars for Margaret Whittle
    • Next Reunion: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June 2012. 

The meeting closed at 2.50 pm.