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Each year there are a Magazines returned marked "Addressee has gone away." Please look at the list below and if you know where any of those named are now let the website master know and he will arrange for their magazine to be forwarded. We don't want to lose any more members!

There are quite a number here who, looking at their years at School, are probably no longer with us. There are others who we have been told may have died. If you know for sure that any or these OS listed below are deceased, please e-mail.


Marguerite ALDERSON (JOHNSON) 1940-45 Philip ALLICK 1950-55
Jean ALP (McNEIL), 1944-49 Sheila ANDERSON, (Robinson), 1941-45
Frank ANDREW 1976-79 Philip BATTLE 1992-96
Ethel BARKER, 1940-46 Catherine BECK 1988-97
Paul BELL, 1988-97 John BINNS, 1951-57
Anne K. BIRCH 1969-74 Alexander BISSETT, 1942-44
Kay BRADLEY 1993-96 Patricia BUTLER 1968-73
Joyce CRAIG (DEAN), 1939-43 ZoŽ CRAVEN 1994-97
Louise M. DAVIS, 1967-68 Ian DODD, 1972-80
Norman FLETCHER, 1941-47 Timothy FLOOD, 1988-97 
Abdul Hassan  GHALY, 1995-96 Betty GRATTON (BELL) 1942-42
Ruth GRUNDY (SHILSTON) 1923-27 Jane HAYNES (HALES), 1939-42
Anthony HARDWICK-KING, 1934-41 John JONES 1995-97
Julia JOHNSON (TWEEDIE), 1970-71 Jennifer MATHER 1992-97
Richard MOORE 1966-73 Colin KEEGAN, 1937-42
Marion E. R. KING, 1943-47 Wolfgang KNOPF 1992-93
Alan MASON (1921-24) Richard MATHER 1991-95
Elizabeth Anne McARTHUR, 1958-61 Joan MACKINNON (WATSON), 1928-31
Peter MILLER 1991-96 Betty NICHOLSON (ALDER) 1939-42
  Joyce OATES (MASON) 1926-33
Margaret PARKER (STEEL), 1942-42 Eric B. PALLISTER, 1937-41
Alison PAYNE (BROOKING), 1971-75 Fred PEART 1951-55
Robert RIDDLE 1919-23 John RODGERS, 1953-57
Darryl RUMBOLD 1995-97 Robert SHARP, 1935-38
David R SMITH, 1958-63 A. Derrek SMITH, 1942-49
Pat SMITH, 1941-42 Kirsty THIRLWELL 1988-96
Nigel STOUT 1979-86 Jean STRANG (HARRISON), 1937-41
Heather THOMAS, 1972-76 Peter THOMAS, 1941-44
David THORNTON, 1961-63 Damian TODD, 1991-96
Mary TURNBULL, 1956-60 Hilda WALKER, 1927-33
Barbara WALKINSHAW 1927-31 Lisa WALLIS, 1988-96
Ross WATERSON 1994-97 David WASERLOO 1994-96
Wynn WHITTAKER, 1932-36 Kathleen WOODROW ( WARD) 1929-33

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