If there are any website you think may be of interest to Ayton Old Scholars - possibly about Great Ayton, or other old scholars' associations - e-mail the editor with the URL for inclusion.


There have been a number of visitors to our site through "Friends United" a most interesting, and well designed website. Friends Reunited is a simple to use website that allows you to find out what your old school and college friends are doing now. Their database lists over 28,000 UK Secondary and Primary Schools and Colleges.

Follow this link to see for yourself: http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk 

Accommodation in Great Ayton and Stokesley:

The Royal Oak his its own site:

http://www.yorkshire-directory.org.uk Launched in 2007, this new site aims to appeal to anyone interested in visiting Yorkshire or simply anyone with a keen interest in this great county.

Hambleton Tourist Site - all sorts of detail about the area:


Ayton Village had their own excellent and informative website but it has disappeared. When it returns the URL will be restored here


North Yorkshire National Park


The Cleveland Way has its own website - this link is to our part of the world:


Captain Cook Links. The Captain Cook Tourist Association has a superb website. Their website is at:  http://www.captaincook.org.uk   -  You really must check it out as there is a lot of local information.


Want to know more about Capt. James Cook?





We have been contacted by Malcolm who has a number of web pages about Yorkshire and one of interest to us dealing with Captain Cook. He has borrowed a couple of our Ayton Village photos for his site (with acknowledgements and links back to AOSA.) These pages can be found at:



An AOSA member, Christopher Macnab (1971-77), has his own website. This can be found at: http://www.letterwriter.net


Alex Wood, who was a boarder from 1991 until 1995, or where in year 11 in 1993 and then went into the Sixth Form until 1995, has his own website. This can be found at: http://www.facelink.com/thete


Mark Gregory (1973-76) has been in touch - he has a couple of websites - one to get to know his family and one "at the office." Anyone you remembers Mark - get in touch - just click on his name to go to his e-mail address. He'd enjoy hearing from you.

and for those of you who like it loud...

Ackworth School (there are two sites)



Bootham School: http://www.bootham.york.sch.uk/


Friends’ School, Saffron Waldon: http://www.friends.org.uk/


The Mount School, York: http://www.mountschoolyork.co.uk


The Friends' School Brookfield, Wigton, Cumbria opened in 1815 and closed in 1987. WOSA - Wigton Old Scholars' Association now has a website: www.wosa.org.uk


There is plenty of reference to Swarthmoor Hall in these pages. If you would like to visit the Swarthmoor Hall site, here is it:


If you want to find an address and postcode: http://www.royalmail.co.uk


If you want to find a phone number: http://www.phonenetuk.bt.com:8080/


This one will even provide a map of the area after you have found the person you are looking for: http://www.192.com/