Requests for information

William Crake

I have been researching into William Crake.

A few years ago I acquired fifteen of his large-format Tahitian photographs that look as though they were done in the 1920s – 30s

Whilst it is understood that Crake travelled from England to Tahiti and married a local, little else is known other than he died in 1940.

Please do you or does anyone have any further information, a date and place of birth perhaps?

With many thanks.

Best wishes,
Grenville Collins

Peter Gilmore

Came upon your website because I read somewhere that Peter Gilmore (the actor famous in particular for his part as James Onedin) attended Ayton Friend's School in Yorkshire. He left school when 14.

Since this school picture dates from anytime between September 1938 and June of 1940 (when he was 7 to nearly 9), I wonder if he is on it. Does anyone know the names of the pupils that are pictured. Age-wise he should be sitting in either the first or second row.

Would be much obliged if you could help me a little here.

Many thanks and best regards,

Antonetta Raijer
Het Plankenpad 24
8255 HG Swifterbant, Netherlands