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No. 5
Spring 1932

No. 107
Spring 1949

Autumn 1967

No. 164
Summer 1968



Cover artwork reproduced here - artist unknown

Beckside - Autumn 1967 - cover artwork

This 1967 edition of the Beckside is slim but very special. The entire text section is devoted to Evelyn Nicholson and her retirement at the end of the summer term 1967. There are tributes from - presumably - the Beckside editor (not identified), Herbert Dobbing, two Head Girls, their memories separated by many years; first Christine Johnson, then Helen Moss, and finally Ruth Harwood.

Almost the entire remainder of this Beckside,  ten pages in the original publication, contained sports results - omitted from here - but there are pages of exam results, included for smiles or grimaces of recollection.

(If the editor at the time sees this edition I hope he or she will let me know their name and proper credits will be added).

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