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No. 5
Spring 1932

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Spring 1949

Autumn 1967

No. 164
Summer 1968




Candidates are instructed that this is one exam they can actually pass, be they never so despondent about G.C.E.

Answer questions 7, 3, 2, 4, and 1 if you feel like it. Candidates are not expected to do more than snigger at essay titles.

Careless and slovenly work is only to be expected.

  1. Fill in the missing letters Greater fr--d-m means greater r-sp-ns-b-l-ty.

  2. Explain, in not less than 25 words, why only 6U are allowed to walk through the dining room.

  3. You are in 6L. Explain, in not more than 25 words (Miss Fay is in a hurry) why you are walking through the dining room. 

  4. Who said the following:

"If you can't play football on the playground without playing football, you won't be allowed to play football.
(a)   Lloyd George 
(b)  Mr. Morgan 
(c)   Dylan Thomas.

"I haven't time now, I'll think about it."
(a)  Aristotle
(b)  Mr. Reader
(c)   Hamlet.

            "Toddle forth in your regulation garments"
            (a)   Mary Quant 
            (b)  Miss Fay 
            (c)   Dr. Spock

            (a)   Ernie 
            (b)  Charles Monkhouse 
            (c)   Chi-Chi, the Panda.

5.    What is the significance of the following?
(a)   4 1/4 inches 
(b)  3 weeks 
(c)   8.15 - 8.45 
(d)  It were Alice what washed up.

6.    Which is the odd pair out?
(a)   Sally and William 
(b)  Diana and Mouse 
(c)   Bonny and Bunt.

7.    Which is the odd one out?
(a)   Tommy Bicknall 
(b)  Tommy Midgley 
(c)   Tommy Richardson.

8.    Essay Question. Write 2-3 sides of whatever you like on one of the following, basing your subject-matter on experiences at school:
(a)   "Honesty is the Best Policy. Refute.
(b)   "In non-essentials liberty, in opposition unity, and in all things futility". (See The Friend). Illustrate.
(c)   Trudging across the moors at dead of night up to your knees in mud to prove your virility can be fun.
(d)  Distinguish between United Margarine and Petroleum Jelly.

Alison MacNair.


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