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Spring 1932

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Spring 1949

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Summer 1968




The good work of German Relief has been carried on again this term and we have once more helped our two friends in Germany.

A circular letter was sent to parents, asking them to give any old clothing, shoes, books and toys that they could spare. We had a splendid response and were able to send twelve twenty two-pound parcels to Germany. An obstacle which came in our way was the lack of money needed to send them to their destination. Another appeal was made and the School responded admirably with £2 12s. and so our friends in Germany can enjoy the clothing we no longer need.

Jean Manship (15 years)


For the last two years we have had, at the end of the football and hockey season, a social, to which all those who have taken part in 1st XI. matches throughout the year are invited. It has proved very successful and! is a grand climax to what is always an exciting season's football and hockey.

The success of this year's social was due largely to the careful planning of Miss Harwood and Mr. Morgan and the very pleasant way in which they made us feel "at home.” Adding greatly to the success, of course, were the "eats.” We had coffee and a most appetising spread of cakes. Our thanks to Mrs. Burrell and her staff.

Let me again say how much we enjoyed ourselves, and may the socials of the future be as happy and enjoyable as the ones we have attended. Good luck to next season's XI's.

Anthony D. Smith (17 years)


We started to equip the stage with the necessary scenery and lighting effects for the "Pirates of Penzance “production at the beginning of the Spring term, under the leadership of Mr. Jones.

There were twelve members in the Stage Graft Group of the Senior Arts Association who offered to help make the scenery, so we were divided into three groups and then allotted our work. There were nine flats, six rostrums and four swivel curtains to make.

We worked at this jab while the cast were rehearsing at night, from 7 o'clock till 8.30, and as much as possible in our own spare time.

When the flat frames had been constructed, there was the canvas to glue on to them. The canvas had been stitched by Miss Smith and some of the VIth form girls.

There was a great deal to be done, also, on the lighting set, and this was successfully done by Joe Robinson and Alan Weighell, under the supervision of Mr. Dunn.

Although sometimes it was rather awkward and sometimes a little dull doing this work, we enjoyed it on the whole and were well satisfied with the result in the production.

Mervyn Petch (15 years)


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