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No. 5
Spring 1932

No. 107
Spring 1949

Autumn 1967

No. 164
Summer 1968




The Beckside - Issue No. 107 We make no apology for making this a "Pirates of Penzance” issue, for the Spring Term of 1949 will always be remembered as "the term when we did 'Pirates'.” There has been a tendency during the war, and in the immediate post-war years to find the ordinary activities of a boarding school a heavy enough demand on our energies. With the production of "The Pirates of Penzance" we have re-discovered for ourselves what many previous generations of Aytonians know: that in a big community effort which makes demands on us until we are tired, and then, goes on demanding, we find a happiness and satisfaction that nothing else gives, and we are bound together in closer friendship than before. It is for this reason that "the time, patience, and personal effort necessary to make a success" of such a production, seems to us so worth while.

"Give all thou canst: high Heaven rejects the lore of nicely-calculated less or more," is a principle which would help the world to find some of its lost happiness.

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